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Friday, November 21, 2014

One's own personal SHTF situation

I know many of you have seen these pictures, but look at them for a moment and let it sink in.....

Done? Good.

This, what is now a catastrophe, could've very easily happened to many of us who live in the northern states.
I bring this up because it is a stark reminder of why it is crucial to be prepared at all times. This didn't happen in the dead of winter, it isn't even winter yet.

We can only hope that the majority of the residents in this community had the forethought to prepare.

While I could go on ad nauseum about this, let the picture above serve as a reminder that any one of us can experience our own SHTF situation at any time.

Take the time to ask questions, seek answers and do what you need to to protect you and yours.


Monday, November 3, 2014

AAR for Force Small Unit Tactics Series Basic Course

  • The following is my AAR of the Regional Security Forces; Small Unit Tactic and Techniques Class offered

This being the first time that I had attended a course such as this since coming off active duty ( 15 years ago ) I had certain expectations drawing from prior service and experience. 
My first impression of JC as an instructor was that he was approachable. Not because we were paying for the course but because he is a consummate professional.
The syllabus was strait forward and easy to follow. Leaving plenty of time for Q and A as most taking the course were being exposed to this type of training for the first time.

As with any training of this type it behooves you to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Our training area was very hilly and required many trips up and down. Again, some among us were not prepared for the physicality of some of the maneuvers but that was not looked down upon. The impression that I got from JC was while they may not have been in the right physical condition they were at least trying and not sitting in an easy chair behind a keyboard.

Again drawing on prior service, when it came time for the blanks and live fire portion safety was utterly paramount. Many, many dry runs took place before any kind of round was chambered.
JC was quite clear that if he raised his voice and used a certain vernacular it was to emphasize a point as it related to safety and not to take it personally. 

I was fortunate enough to run the react to fire drill twice and while I don't see myself as a slouch, RUNNING the course, taking cover and firing in all of my gear, coupled with the heat, was taxing to say the least.

This is a course that I would recommend to anyone that is interested in gaining a working knowledge on small unit tactics. Not beginner stuff but not death from above training either.
I would highly recommend that before you take this course put in your time with PT. Focus on cardio and road work. Become familiar with your weapon and how to clear jams as well as reloading in different positions.

In closing, Mason Dixon Tactical is top notch and money well spent.  I look forward to continued training from JC and his instructors. If there are ladies out there that want to get involved and learn I would encourage you to look to MDT. My wife is no operator but likes the training environment and the time taken to help the less experienced.

Scott Hill

Time to let your voice be heard, or not...

Tomorrow is the time once again to step to the ballot box to let your voice be heard. Referencing what Teddy said " its usefulness depends on the character of the user." Think about that for a minute.
There are so many out there that won't even take the time to exercise this right. Oh you forgot that it was a right. Is that because you never bothered to look into those that will have a direct impact on what taxes you pay, what new laws that may be written, what issues affect the school that your child goes to?

Freedom begins between the ears. -- Edward Abbey

Even if you have never voted before, (provided that you are registered), it is not too late to do some last minute research. Granted you should have been paying attention to what is going on long before this, you still have time to make the best decision you can. I am not going to try to sway you one way or the other. Like the above quote alluded, YOU have to think for yourself. Don't compromise your principles to satisfy one party or the other. 

My friend at MasonDixon Tactical expounded on this area the other day in his blog, Do yourself a favor and visit it. Absorb what he is saying, Think about what feels right to you.

Don't saddle your future generations with the weight of knowing that you didn't care enough to pay attention. This isn't just about you. Using your rights is key to KEEPING them.

I could go on all night on this subject but at this late hour it would only numb your mind. Close this out and do a little research. To quote JCD don't "aim with your ass", THINK damnit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So, I thought that I would jump into the world of blogging because someone might actually give a shit what I have to offer.

Wow, where to begin? Oh, ok, I think this is a good place to start.
I had my first taste of being unprepared about a year back. We had a wicked storm that took out our power. Now this wasn't just a regular power outage. this one happened to define what end of the line I was on. I was renting a home off of a landowner and during a storm we were both without power. A day later she had power and alas we were without. Evidently, she was on the very end of one line and I was on the beginning of another.
I cant tell you how chapped my ass became as each day went by and I could look out my widow and see hers illuminated and our were dark. Thanks be to the God that a friend of ours had a generator,that would take 3 large men and a small boy to move, to lend to us.

 I felt helpless. If he hadn't of shown up with the  MONSTER, I didn't know what I was going to do.
After 11 long days living off of that generator, I vowed that this happen to me again.
So, I guess you could say that was my wake up call. Little by little I would buy the items that I would need to sustain us during another outage. A friend of mine even gave me a generator that needed some TLC, BOOM, I had power.
It was during this period of revelation that would listen to and take advice from the likes of Glenn Beck, Quinn and Rose and others that were tooting the horn of  food preparedness and having extra sundries on hand in the event of an emergency.

***Unscheduled Interruption**** 
I just made the worlds best scrambled egg sandwich.....

While I am a veteran, ex boyscout, yada yada yada, Life gets in the way. I had been more involved in the day to day of raising kids and working and didn't really pay heed to the others that were shouting "Preparedness!"
11 days with out power was my wake up call.

I still have another sandwich that is getting cold so I will end this here.

Be prepared, be ready and be smart!